Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of stories are we interested in?

Have a great story about the time you almost got into a fist-fight at the Woman’s March in D.C.?

What about a story about the time you met your husband, or wife, during an Uber ride?

Or maybe you have a story about the time you saved three nuns from a burning van?

At Nineteen Seventy-Seven we are interested in stories that are extraordinary or irrelevant; moving or frivolous; poignant or told mainly for our sheer entertainment. From flash non-fiction (stories under 500 words) to epic multi-layered exaggerated sagas, as long as these life stories are based in truth, and are good, they are welcomed here.

Topics of particular interest includes: memoirs; sex/relationship; adventure; food and flash.

Oh, we’re also accepting essays.

Essay topics of particular interest includes: fine arts, theater and culture; street and underground art and culture (no artist’s profiles, please); technology; travel; design; food and drink; and feminist critiques of Black film and television (not celebrity).

So make us laugh, make us cry, make us think or make our hearts melt.

But whichever way you choose to share your truth, make sure you keep it under 3,500 words (And not a syllable over will be considered).

What stories are not welcomed here?


Poetry that is non-narrative base.

Essays that are preachy or have a political agendas. By all means, submit to us an essay about the time you worked on a political campaign or met Bernie Sanders, and all of the weird feelings that came along with that. But there are plenty of other places that are a much better fit for your theories about his politics.

Stories that flame – directly or indirectly – marginalized communities.

While we will consider sex and relationship first-person narratives, we really have no interest in relationship advice or listicles about cute celebrity couples. Like for real: nobody cares.

At this time, we are not accepting photo essays and videos (we will soon).

I am not a Black woman, can I submit here?

Yes, you are welcome to submit. However do know this space proudly centers the experiences of Black identified women. So before submitting, ask yourself: is this relevant or relatable to this particular space?

What about trans-women?

We are a trans-inclusive space.

Why the focus on Black women?

Why do people of color have to keep answering such an obvious question?


Do you pay?

Yes and No.

Yes we pay writers. And no, it ain’t a lot.

The rate is $25 per published submission.

As a writer, I understand the best way to show a writer she is appreciated is by compensating her for work. However, Nineteen Seventy-Seven is currently be financed out of the pocket of its curator.

To help me pay our writers, please consider sending a donation via Paypal to

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?

No. However the usual response time is no more than two weeks.

What about ownership?

Nineteen Seventy-Seven will retain both First World Electronic Rights and Archival Rights of any and all work published on the site. So if there is a piece you wish to published someplace else on the Internet, please do not submit it here.

So after reading everything I still want to submit. Where do I do that at?

All submissions must be sent to

Each submission must include:

  1. a cover page with both the title of piece and author’s name
  2. a bio page, which includes a one-paragraph bio of yourself and a one-paragraph description of your submission.

All submissions must be 12 pt, Times Roman and double spaced – please no color fonts

Only .doc, .odt and .pdf files will be accepted.

At this time, submissions can only be received electronically.