“Nineteen Seventy-Seven is a digital place where offbeat Black women dance to the rhythm of their own drums.”

– Charing Ball

An offbeat Black Woman: A drum maker. A silly girl. A witty nerd. A dorky geek. A late-bloomer. An early riser. A nap-taker. A trouble-maker. A neck roller. A potty mouth. A problematic feminist. A defiant one. A daughter. An aunt. A sister. A mother. A grandmother. A reader. A writer. An empath. A hater. A left turn when everyone else goes right. A wanderer. A loner. A lover of Black people – sometimes. A thinker about things. A game changer.

Founded in 2015, Nineteen Seventy-Seven is digital space for the offbeat Black woman, like the aforementioned, to tell her story.

Nineteen-Seventy-Seven is named in honor of Charing Ball.

Charing Ball is the curator of Nineteen Seventy-Seven. She is pretty off-beat.

Nineteen Seventy-Seven is also her birth year.


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