Kodak Black Isn’t The Only One With Issues…

Kodak Black’s rational behind his “preference” for lighter skinned women are trash but so are some of the responses.

For reference (courtesy of Chaney TV):


To be clear, not wanting to date a darker skinned women (even though he’s still willing to “bag” one) because you are in fact dark skinned is not a preference.

And liking lighter skinned women because they are less “trouble” or “gutter” and because “we can break them down mo easier” is not a preference neither.

Its self-hate mixed with a whole bunch of misogyny. And quite honestly, I don’t know which is worse.

He admits to hating his own skin tone, and likely his own self, and is projecting those insecurities onto the women in his life. Because of it, we all hurt. Not just the dark skinned women and girls who have to bear the unfair burden of his disdain. And not just the lighter skin women and girls who have to endure of his objectification (as that’s not love). But the entire community of us whom his words given on his platform may influences.

It’s truly disturbing that in 2017, after a Black president and Black Lives Matter and the Natural Hair Movement and the Black celebs of all stripes loudly declaring their Blackness, some of our folks still take pride in hating themselves.

But what’s more troubling than Kodak Black’s frankness, is the subtle self-loathing masquerading as clapbacks.

I’m talking about the black folks who I’ve witness on social media ironically and sadistically hurling anti-Blackness at Kodak Black in the name of pro-Blackness.

Ugly names and insults like:

  • Dusty Ghoul
  • Ashy Black
  • A struck match
  • Black ass roach
  • Porch monkey
  • Tar Sands
  • Picaninny
  • Runaway slave
  • Just plain ol’ “slave.”

And any other derogatory terms associated with anti-blackness you can think of…

My point is Kodak Black is not some monster. His self perception and perception of others who look like him did not materialize in a bubble. It was learned. Likely at home but also through years of indoctrination and socialization. He, like so many other like him, hate their skin because others hate their skin. They attribute negative attributes, behavior and stereotypes because so many of us have been led to believe that all of that is true about us.

And calling him “roach” or “tar sands” ain’t helping.

In fact, it reinforces the notion that there is, in fact, something wrong with him.

And it also highlights how deep down, you feel there is something wrong with him too.

Who taught him to hate himself?

White supremacy.

But there is no doubt that more often than not, that hate is reinforced by us.